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Full Digitizing - We Do It

Full Digitizing - We Do It

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For this fee, ATA Print Shop will handle the entire process of turning your physical artwork into an infinitely printable, color-matched TIFF image that you will maintain rights and ownership to. We use professional photography equipment, studio lights, a Spyder color calibrator, a calibrated monitor, a polarizing lens and a special depth-of-field camera lens to get as accurate a match as possible. From there, we import your file and match it to the original artwork using a series of professional programs and multiple test prints (that are all included in this single fee.) The images we take are infinitely scalable so we can make your prints much larger and/or much smaller than the original piece without sacrificing quality!

This one-time fee is per piece of art and is available for in-person works only. Once an image has been digitized, you'll never have to pay the fee again for it, no matter how many prints are made.



•10% off 5+ Full Digitizing (3 separate images)

•15% off 10+ Full Digitizing (5 separate images)

*Only valid on bulk purchases, not lifetime.*


You are more than welcome to mail us your artwork, so long as you assume all responsibilities for transit and confirm that ATA Print Shop will not be held liable for any damages occurred during postal transit to or from ATA Print Shop. You'll receive an invoice to cover the shipping costs back to you once we've photographed your art, and we will ship with insurance and adequate packaging. Processing time and return shipping may take a couple of weeks up to one month.

Not local or don't want to mail your art? See our Partial Digitizing Fee for working with a local photographer and/or doing it yourself.

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