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Partial Digitizing - You Do It

Partial Digitizing - You Do It

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For this fee, you commit to photographing your work yourself. Within 24-48 hours of your purchase of the Partial Digitizing Fee, you'll receive a guide that you can then use to photograph your work and make sure we're on the same page as far as quality, file size, image type, color guide, etc. Depending on your personal equipment, this route may or may not be less expensive than shipping/bringing your artwork to us and letting us perform these tasks (please see: Full Digitizing Fee for more info.)

To turn your artwork into scalable, quality prints, you will need a digital camera and good studio lighting (can be purchased on Amazon.) Doing it yourself is fine for small to some medium-sized prints, but you won't be able to get large prints from simple equipment. If you're interested in larger-sized prints, or are thinking of photographing a large piece of artwork, we highly recommend our Full Digitizing Fee or hiring out the job to a photographer. If you have any questions/concerns before committing to photographing art yourself, please email and we can assist you.

ATA Print Shop will then handle turning your image into an infinitely printable, color-matched TIFF image that you will maintain rights and ownership to.

This one-time fee is per piece of art. Processing time may take a couple of weeks, depending on workload.

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