The Story

Once upon a time, a woman named Kayla began oil painting as a form of therapy from depression. Very quickly, her work became noticed and highly-sought after. She was working around the clock to paint and as fast as they'd dry, they'd sell. She was burnt out and was shipping paintings quicker than she was able to stand back and appreciate them.

She became determined to make her works "last longer" through the process of reproductions (prints.) Being a professional photographer and lover of all things of quality, she knew she wanted more than a print scanned in and printed on a regular printer, or on regular cardstock like most artists. After all, when you put so much time and effort into your fine art, you don't want your prints to be low-quality reproductions of something so meaningful to you; you want your prints to be equally as stunning and important as the original!

Through much trial-and-error, she found she could have her work printed on the highest quality fine art paper money can buy, and it would also be archival for a lifetime. Though her prints were seemingly more expensive than most other artists' prints, hers were different because they exuded luxury and quality. She put them for sale in her retail shop and on her website... where they took off. The difference in a regular print and her fine art prints were evident in their sales.

Her print sales quickly outgrew her original painting sales, turning a single $800 original painting into an extra $10,000 per image. Kayla used her marketing skills to create FOMO (fear of missing out) by limiting each images release to only 50 prints each, and in turn, created a demand for her works.

Her favorite compliment is when someone thinks her oil painting prints are a fine art photograph- yep, they're that good.

At the end of 2023, Kayla decided to invest in her business by buying a massive fine art printer and all the supplies to start her own print shop. By doing so, not only is she able to print her own work in-house, she can help other artists extend the life (and value) of their paintings by helping them to create fine art prints they can then turn around and sell.

Kayla knew she wanted to keep her prices competitive, so she offers these at the same rate (or less) than chain competitors. Supporting local is not always more expensive! Not only that, but when you choose ATA Print Shop, you get one-on-one access to Kayla's process. There are actual humans photographing and editing your photos for print, running test prints, etc. When Kayla was outsourcing her prints, she'd often receive damaged prints (ones that were damaged before shipment, not during transit), blurry images and too-dark images. The truth of the matter is: big chain stores don't care about your work; Kayla does, because she cares about YOU and your success.

There are very limited resources online when it comes to turning art into prints; Kayla is here to share her entire process, including file types, image resizing, color-matching and more. Many print shops don't consider that most people don't know much about Lightroom or Photoshop, TIFF files, DPI, etc. nor do they have time to learn or want to invest in the equipment. ATA Print Shop can do all of that for you. All you have to do it bring in your work and we'll take care of the digitizing and test prints. Can't bring your work in person? We'll happily guide you through the process of digitizing your image so you get the best prints possible.

Need Certificates of Authenticity? Custom framing and matting? Need an image printed but not an artist? Don't worry, we do all of that, too!

ATA Print Shop is proudly located inside Amidst the Alders retail store and is here to help you in all your printing and framing needs.