Fine Art Printing Terms & Conditions

By purchasing fine art prints printed through ATA Print Shop, you acknowledge and accept the following:

•If your original image is a different ratio or aspect than the file you provided, there may be cut-off. ATA Print Shop will notify you before printing if the cut-off is significant (more than 0.5” on one side.) For cut-off of 0.5” or less, you will not be notified, as we’ll choose the most prominent area to feature.

•If you outsource your digitizing, or do it yourself, we will do our best to let you know ahead of time if a print may be fuzzy, blurry, be too dark/light, or have incorrect colors. That being said, if we don't handle your digitizing in-house and the print isn't to your satisfaction after it has been printed, we cannot accept returns, issue partial or full refunds, exchanges, replacements or future discounts, as we've already spent the funds and time to create the print. You understand that test prints are part of the process to get the correct coloring. ATA Print Shop cannot be held responsible for incorrect prints if the digitizing is outsourced. With our in-house Full Digitizing fee (recommended), incorrect prints would be considered "test prints" and are covered by the cost of the fee. Should you choose to outsource the digitizing, we recommend purchasing a small print as a test before ordering any larger sizes.

•The turnaround time is dependent on file size, workload, order size and printer run-time. While we try our best to provide a quick turnaround, we may be over or under our originally quoted timeframe.