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Free Guide for Digitizing - A Photographer Does It

Free Guide for Digitizing - A Photographer Does It

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This listing is for those who prefer to hire a professional photographer or who are a professional photographer.

This listing is to "purchase" a digitizing guide (don't worry, it's free!) and within 24-48 hours of your "purchase", you'll receive an emailed guide that you can then forward to your photographer to make sure we're on the same page as far as quality, file size, image type, color guide, etc. Depending on your area and photographer of choice, this route may or may not be less expensive than shipping/bringing your artwork to us and letting us perform these tasks in-house (please see: Full Digitizing Fee for more info.)

With this purchase, no editing will be performed by ATA Print Shop and you (and your photographer) assume all responsibility for how the images print, including, but not limited to, the color and quality. ATA Print Shop cannot be held liable for images that do not print to your liking, as it comes 100% down to the editing performed by your photographer, but they should be able to match the digital images nearly identical to your original artwork.

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